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Energy Management

This premium service is focused on developing an Energy Management Program that will provide organizations with a roadmap to ensure optimum and sustainable energy procurement, energy utilization, and energy efficiency improvement Scope of Work• Development of Energy Management Program for optimum and   sustainable energy procurement and utilization, and minimize energy   costs/wastes without affecting business objectives•

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Electrical As-Built Plan

We craft electrical as-built plans (single line diagram) for customer electrical facility. As-built plans help document any changes made during construction of the facilities or other revisions that may have been performed. Updated electrical as-built plans are crucial for troubleshooting, efficient operation, and future expansion of customer electrical facility.

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Energy Savings Partnership Program

We all know that businesses are always motivated to find ways to reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency to ensure profitability and sustainability in the long term. Electricity cost is always a major contributor of recurring operating expense for most businesses. Hence, a periodic review of your electricity bills should be an integral part

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Utility Billing Analysis

Electricity billing analysis is a comprehensive and detailed review of the customer’s historical electricity bills from the previous twelve (12) months to detect meter reading errors, rates that are not in accordance with the service contract, metering misapplications by the utility, clerical errors in bill computations and incorrect factors applied by the utility. The billing

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Power Procurement for Utilities

Our experts review and evaluate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) covering all commercial and technical terms between seller (Generation Companies) and buyer of electricity. This consultation service include analysis of the electricity consumption profile, matching of optimal supply profile (baseload, load following or peaking), and determining the most appropriate tariff structure that will provide least possible

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