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GenShield Nexus

GENShield Nexus is a foam duct gasket. The product’s core material is made of chemically cross-linked polyethylene (XPE) foam. One side of the foam is coated with adhesive for easier installation. Its flexibility is very ideal for sealing gaps between connections in ducting and piping systems. Material: Chemically Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam Gasket PROPERTIES GENShield® Nexus …

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GenShield Insulation

A closed-cell flexible insulation material designed to control condensation, insulate against thermal heat loss and/or heat gain, and attenuate noise. Other resultant features include water and water vapor resistance, low thermal conductivity, and low compression set. The material, being fiber-free is non-irritant and nonallergenic. For fire safety, it is infused with fire retardant component to …

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