Who we are

We are an energy service company (ESCO) accredited by the Department of Energy (DOE). We provide energy consulting services and deliver energy solutions suited and appropriate to the stakeholders. Our group is comprised of engineering professionals widely experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled in the power industry.

We are an energy service company (ESCO) accredited by the Department of Energy (DOE). We provide energy consulting services and deliver energy solutions suited and appropriate to the stakeholders. Our group is comprised of engineering professionals widely experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled in the power industry.

Corporate Roadmap


To become the leading corporation in the
Philippines that is reliable and innovative,
catering to the needs, requirements and
demands of the domestic energy stakeholders.


Create a better everyday life for many
people by providing appropriate energy
solutions through innovative, effective, and
practical energy consulting services.

Core Values


We take ownership in our work and thus, take great care and attention to details. We
unfailingly meet high standards in what we do and in how we do it. We delight in both
product and service excellence.


Our track record has made us reliable in terms of accuracy and product honesty. As a reliable entity, we
take pride in being worthy of the trust and confidence not only of our customers but also of our stakeholders.


Professional and personal integrity is paramount to our organization. Hence, we achieve our goal by
being honest and straightforward with all our stakeholders.


We don’t just settle for good

In our effort to serve our partners better, we persevere to
bring premium energy solutions a project might ever need
under one roof. To maintain the quality of our products,
we continually strive to improve it with constant research
and testing.

Every transaction, better than the other

Our primary concern is to give a precise advantage to our
clients. Consequently, our highly qualified personnel will be
there to provide professional and competent objective
advice in addressing specific requirements. Whether you’re
downtown or around the country.


Together with our partners, we are expanding our horizons

As an energy service company that delivers energy solutions,
Tri-Sky Link gives its partners a competitive edge through its
circulation efficiencies using its bespoke supply chain
infrastructure anywhere in the country.

Customer service at its best

The value of professional systems and objective advice is all too often undervalued in today’s modern environment. Our team will always be ready to deal with your enquiries promptly and efficiently. This team of trusted professionals is committed to fully understanding your business, its needs, goals, and strategies.

What we do

We provide energy management consulting services including energy audit and energy efficiency work program. In its core, we conduct electrical engineering consultancy services, we likewise help in identifying, analyzing, and detecting electrical system faults and problems in electrical facilities. Depending on customer’s goals, we deliver customized solutions without compromising on quality, reliability, functionality, and financial cost of projects.


Our strategic advantage and corporate strength comes from our qualified professionals with analytical abilities, problem-solving skills and are exceedingly capable in the following areas:

Energy Management
(ISO 50001)

Electrical Engineering Services

Power Procurement for Utilities & End-users

Reliability & Power Quality Improvement

CAPEX Planning for Distribution Utilities

Energy Efficiency Improvement

Utility Billing Analysis

Power System Analysis Technical Studies

System Loss Management for Distribution Utilities

Operations & Management for Distribution Utilities


Capitalizing on unparalleled industry knowledge and experience, flexibility, and responsiveness to our customers’ business needs, we commit to provide the following consultancy work:

Energy Audit

Energy Efficiency Compliance
(RA 11285)

Energy Management System (ISO 50001)

Power Quality Assessment

Energy Load Profiling & Analytics

Thermographic Inspection

Grounding System Audit

Electrical As-Built Plan

Power System Analysis

Capacitor Bank Testing & Assessment

Training Programs

Electrical Engineering Consultancy

Energy Management Consulting Services

Utility Billing Analysis

Electricity billing analysis is a comprehensive and detailed review of the customer’s historical electricity bills from the previous twelve (12) months to detect meter reading errors, rates that are not in accordance with the service contract, metering misapplications by the utility, clerical errors in bill computations and incorrect factors applied by the utility.

Power Procurement

Our experts review and evaluate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) covering all commercial and technical terms between seller (Generation Companies or Retail Electricity Suppliers) and buyer of electricity (End-User or Customer)

Energy Management System

Energy Management System helps organizations develop a medium to long-term strategy roadmap to ensure optimum and sustainable energy procurement, energy utilization, and energy efficiency.

Energy Auditing Service

The energy audit service involves two types of energy audit procedures, namely: Type 1 (Walk-Through Audit or WTA) and Type 2 (Energy Diagnosis). The third type of energy audit, which is the Investment Grade Audit (IGA), can be done separately if the customer intends to make huge investment in energy efficiency projects.

Power Quality Solutions

Our experienced energy specialists help industrial, commercial and even utility customers determine the root cause of equipment and process downtimes, recommend solutions, and implement cost-effective and practical solutions.

System Loss Management Program

Our seasoned experts will provide guidance in strategic planning, energy loss accounting, evaluation, analysis, loss targeting and goal setting, developing and operationalizing appropriate loss reduction measures.

CAPEX Planning (Distribution Utility)

Our experts help craft CAPEX plan applications with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) that follows the Utility Planning Manual, ensure that all projects are timely, appropriate, necessary, and cost-efficient; and that capital projects are consistent with relevant government regulations such as the Distribution Development Plan (DDP), Philippine Grid Code (PGC), Philippines Distribution Code (PDC), and other relevant government issuances.

Distribution Impact Study & Distribution Asset Study

The distribution impact study (DIS) refers to a set of technical studies
which are used to assess the possible effects of a proposed expansion,
reinforcement, or modification of the distribution system or a user
development and to evaluate significant incidents. The distribution asset
study (DAS) is performed to determine all required distribution assets andcosts necessary to accommodate the proposed interconnection of an
electricity grid (EG) to a distribution system.

Contact us

7th Floor, One Joroma Place,
Congressional Avenue, Quezon City 1106 Philippines

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