CLEANSafe Decontamination Unit

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In these unprecedented times, the safety of all is critical. Ensuring that we protect ourselves, our customers as well as the wider society is imperative.

❱ Fully airtight and secure facility – creates dedicated space to avoid contamination of other buildings / areas.
❱ Can be located near incoming goods or away from people’s activities to avoid contamination.
❱ Activation of the process from the outside of the unit.
❱ NOCOLYSE® is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, it leaves no residue and it doesn’t develop germ resistance.
❱ Safe and secure access with high performance insulated cleanroom door.
❱ Specific CLEANsafe coating adapted for regular cleaning of facility.

❱ NOCOLYSE® has a lethal effect on virus, bacteria, yeast, mould and spores.
❱ Excellent airtightness performance ensuring minimal air infiltration and optimum efficiency of the decontamination process.
❱ NOCOLYSE® is diffused in the form of gas (particle size: 5 µm) and ensures a perfectly uniform disinfection of the room.

❱ Short lead time, rapidly assembled and quickly operational.
❱ All-in-one package: panels, door, NOCOSPRAY® dispenser, NOCOLYSE® products, installation and instructions.
❱ Wide range of accessories available, including: wire racks, heating, lighting, access ramps and automated sliding doors.